Looking Forward to a Weekend Conference in Dallas

Looking Forward to a Weekend Conference in Dallas

The Instep Management Group travel program is one of the most exciting perks of being on our team. One month might find us cross-training in another market, and the next we’re relaxing at a tropical resort. Our upcoming trip will take us to Dallas, Texas for a national leadership retreat.

Stacy, Instep Management Group’s Director of Operations, will be taking Efrain and Long with her, two of our firm’s top producers. There is still time for more people to qualify though, so we’re sure there will be more names on that list. The trip will be a great learning opportunity, with guest speakers from around the country sharing their success strategies.

The Dallas conference will also include time to network. Those who attend will be spending time with industry leaders along with rising stars, comparing best practices from different markets and connecting with like-minded professionals. These contacts are sure to lead to business opportunities in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, those who go on this trip from our office will have a chance to bond while traveling to the Lone Star State. They’ll get to know one another on a more personal level than our busy routines allow and bring a stronger sense of camaraderie back with them.

Dallas is sure to be a great growth experience for those representing our team, and we look forward to learning from them on their return. Follow Instep Management Group on Twitter for content from the event.