We’re Simplifying as Summer Winds Down

We’re Simplifying as Summer Winds Down

Among other things, August boasts National Simplify Your Life Week. We’re up for it at Instep Management Group, because we’re always looking for ways to make success a little simpler. As we work to streamline our personal and professional lives, we’re putting the following techniques to good use:

• Writing Down Email Tasks: There’s something about converting an email to a handwritten note that makes it a little more meaningful. We use this strategy every time we have a high-priority request come through our inboxes. It’s an ideal way to stay on top of pressing matters and quickly move on to our daily to-do lists.

• Setting Monthly Goals: Speaking of our to-do lists, we’re also expanding them a bit to include monthly objectives. Doing so gives us an easier way to measure progress and get closer to our ultimate aspirations. Smaller goals are fair game, but so are larger ones we can break down into incremental parts. Either way, setting them each month helps us build good habits and steady momentum.

• Improve Morning Routines: We’re also streamlining what we do before we get to the Instep Management Group office each day. Along with a healthy breakfast and a quick workout, we’re visualizing positive outcomes that lead to successful workdays.

We’re excited to keep using these strategies throughout the rest of 2019. Follow Instep Management Group on Facebook to learn more about how we keep success as simple as possible.